A downloadable game

For this project I was tasked with creating a game about a personal experience of my own. This game is about how much I hated school and how amazing it was to go home and play video games, thus finding my own sanctuary and happy place away from the world.

This is my first project and I would love any feedback. I will continue to work on this project over time to add more game play and fix any bugs.

The game is controlled using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Walk into objects to interact with them.

Keep moving straight ahead.


Sanctuary.zip 20 MB


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Really loved how you captured the feeling and idea of escapism through the environment and visuals! It works well to show how powerful and important it can be.

The different areas are well constructed and I didn't want to leave the gorgeous "Sanctuary" :)

Thank you for the really great feedback. I am so happy you enjoyed it! :)