A downloadable game for Windows

Run for your life as you dodge deadly spikes, thorn traps and outrun a huge wall of death.

This game is meant to be short but challenging. Time your movement well and keep moving until you have successfully escaped. The best strategy is to keep bouncing along. Time the jumps right and you will be able to avoid most dangers.


  • D - More right
  • A - Move Left
  • Space - Jump
  • Press space in the air to double jump
  • Increase jump height by pressing space as you collide with the ground.


Escape.zip 17 MB


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hi, big big thx for this amazing game. what a great sound. best soundtrack i ever can listen in a indie game. great job. i like the artwork so much but the game is so hard and sorry that i can't finsished it. but i had so much fun and i love it. greetings from germany :)

Thank you for playing! I am glad you liked it. I watched your video and you got pretty far! I love your video, its the first time someone has made a video about one of my games. Thank you!

hi an big thx for your reply :) you made a really great job :) greetings